School field trips to different historical sites

The Affordable and Safe Solution for Any School Trip

When you’re taking students, faculty and staff on a trip, there’s an added level of concern and responsibility—you want to get everyone there and back with the least amount of hassle, and without unnecessary concerns about safety or accountability. Whether it’s an athletic team competition, a prom or graduation after-party, a club or class excursion, or an arts or cultural offering, a charter bus lets you travel with comfort, convenience, safety and affordability.

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There’s no better option for a school field trips from Jay C Tours:

It’s the safest mode of group travel

With a charter bus, you’ll have a highly trained professional at the wheel at all times. You won’t have to worry about the driving skills of a number of parents or chaperones, and you won’t have to worry about anyone getting lost. In addition, because of the limited access to the bus, you won’t have unwanted guests—you and your students will be safe and secure.

You can count on a charter bus

You won’t have to worry about getting there late and missing something. Delays and cancellations are virtually nonexisten. Your driver has the resources to identify potential traffic problems and find alternate routes to get you there on time. Thanks to our extensive network of charter bus service providers nationwide.

You can ride in comfort

You’ll have plush and spacious seats with plenty of leg room. You’ll also enjoy wide aisles and the ability to move freely about the cabin.

Charter buses are a cost-effective way to travel

When you ride together, you share many of the costs of transportation. That routinely makes charter bus travel one of the most affordable options.

You can use the bus for more than just travel

Use your travel time to prepare students, talk strategy, give last minute instructions or break the ice.

You’ll help the environment

When you travel together on a charter bus, you reduce the number of private vehicles on the roads. That lowers emissions and helps the planet.

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