Since 2014, Jay C Tours have been committed to help our clients resolve their transportation-related problem.

With over 5 years of experience, we are now the expert in transport chartering services.

Jay C Tours Sdn Bhd is expected to build its fleet to 30 vehicles and provide variety and choice of models to fulfil customers ‘needs. Similarly, its network is expected to be in place at various strategic locations covering all major cities in Malaysia.

In this connection, a business plan has been put together to chart the direction that Jay C Tours Sdn Bhd would pursue given the present economic climate, the maturity of the transportation industry in Malaysia, its potential and constraints that determine the growth of the business. Export, major expenditure on infrastructures and construction projects as well as strong private consumption expenditures are major source of this optimism. From a regional and international standpoint, Malaysia’s attainment of rapid economic growth is remarkable.

The development of tourism in the light of the government aggressive push on the influx of 20 million tourists by the years to come. Various government directives have been issued for this development of the tourism industry and infrastructure development. Rapid economic growth and increasing travel will create transportation needs beyond the government’s resources capability.

The creation of an efficient, safe and modern transportation system by road, rail and air will invariably require substantial private sector investment. There is, therefore an urgent need to broaden and revitalize the public-private sector partnership in transportation.

Jay C Tours Sdn Bhd is ready and willing to contribute to this partnership. This along with other development programs in place will enhance Malaysia’s image and present Malaysia as a worthy destination for both tourists and businessmen. With tourism presently being the third revenue earner for the country and with the promotion and development of tourism, Malaysia will no doubt become a premier tourist destination.

We believe that the Bus Transportation industry will play a vital role in accomplishing the complete picture of Malaysia Economic growth.

The transportation market in Malaysia considered in this study is defined as any rental for the purpose of road transport, including buses, cars, vans and 4WD vehicles.



Our company is certified and registered with SSM, MOF, & Ministry of Tourism Malaysia